Being under the weather is the dumps but it makes it a great oppurtunity to catch up on movies and a few recipes I had been wanting to try. I made my dad a healthy spice cake and my friend some zucchini brownies all “Katified.” Both were gluten free, healthy, and turned out pretty well! It was my first time baking with coconut and almond flour so I had been researching baking methods all week to make sure they turned out ok. Baking with gluten free flour requires more eggs and a little more liquids.  So I took ideas from a few recipes, tripled the eggs, and doubled the oil and applesauce.

I also made some yummy frosting to go with my treats. I frosted the brownies with cashew butter, coconut oil, and stevia/sugar blend made into powder sugar with some arrowroot.  For the spice cake, I used coconut milk,  unsweetened coconut flakes, homemade powder sugar, and pecans to make a  frosting.

It’s too bad I didn’t feel well enough to travel  to give him my Dad his cake:(  Like the child I still am, I argued with him on the phone that I was well enough to make the trip this morning. He knew by the sound of my voice that I wasn’t well. After fighting to get myself put together, one hour later I was calling him to let him know I wouldnt be making it. I guess parents do know what is best!

So jammies and the couch today! Hopefully back to kicking butts in the gym tomorrow.

Copright 2017, The Body Biz