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The Body Biz believes that life is about balance. However, balance looks different to each individual according to his/her goals and each step of the progressive journey.

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Our team’s knowledge, experience and dedication will help you realize dramatic transformations through nutrition and workout plans designed for you as an individual.

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The results are dramatic! See for yourself what real people have achieved through their experiences and read their stories of challenge, progress and accomplishment.

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Our Team

Kate Couden

My dream is to teach my clients how to find balance between discipline and freedom, driving to reach fitness goals and listening to your body to avoid injury. Every person is meant to move and feel healthy physically and mentally.

Lauren Lett

The Body Biz values a relational approach to each client’s unique needs and goals with scientific, experiential, and intuitive methods that guarantee that client’s success.

Julie Wintzer

The Body Biz programs are just as unique as their clients, no two the same. Balance looks different for every body, and balance is the ultimate goal with us. We are here to get you where you want to be, every step of the way.

Dramatic Transformations

Through our on-site resting metabolic rate testing as well as curent nutrition and workout evaluations, a specific nutrition and workout plan is designed for each of my clients.

Then the real work begins.

I will never say it will be easy but I guarantee if you adhere to the program, you will see the results you came to see.

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