Kate Couden

NDEITA Certified Personal Trainer: 1999
ACA Certified Personal Trainer: 2000
BS Exercise Science The Ohio State University: 2003
NSCA CSCS (certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist): 2003
NASM (certified Personal Trainer) : 2006
NASM PES (performance Enhancement Specialist) : 2009
Certified Coach: Precision Sports Nutrition
Level 1 Crossfit Certified: 2013

I became passionate about fitness at 17 when I got my first personal training certification.  I was working at a small gym in my home town Coshocton, Ohio. I was an aerobic instructor at the time and the gym owner asked me if I would be willing to become certified to train. I thought, “why not”? From the point on I was hooked. I couldn’t learn enough about anatomy, exercise, and philosophy of training. I wasn’t a good trainer by any means, but my drive to learn and passion to help others made me better.  I  studied exercise science at The Ohio State University while working as a personal trainer at lifetime fitness.

I studied anything and everything I could get my hands on: sports specific training through NCSA CSCS, rehabilitation training through NASM CPT and PES, golf training, etc. I believe the minute I believe I know enough to stop learning is the minute I begin declining in my profession. Nutrition became a new fixation for me after I had completed my first figure competition in 2003. I realized how important diet was. I barely changed my workout routine and drastically changed my diet to drop 15lbs and 12% body fat in 6 weeks. I studied nutrition by utilizing multiple coaches to prep me for shows. There are unique techniques and theories from each coach that I have adopted and implement now with my clients. I have earned a weight loss coaching certification and the Precision Nutrition Certification along the way.

After college, I advanced up the corporate ladder into management. Managing was challenging but definitely not my passion nor did existing in the corporate world fit with my personality.

I left Lifetime in December 2013 to pursue my own business and build my own dream. My dream is to teach my clients how to find balance between discipline and freedom, driving to reach fitness goals and listening to your body to avoid injury. Every person is meant to move and feel healthy physically and mentally. My passion is guiding each person to strike that tricky balance. To live life only for the gym is to not live fully. To live life only to quench the next desire limits your appreciation for that desire fulfilled. Through living a disciplined, hard working existence; we are more present to appreciate all of the pleasures in life.

Lauren Lett, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Licensed Dietitian
Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

Whoever said, “you are what you eat” was telling the truth. Our diet is part of our lifestyle, and it connects us to our well-being and quality of life. Food was designed to strengthen us, sustain us, and protect us. It is also meant to be enjoyed. The words “food” or “nutrition” are meaningful terms for nourishment, energy, and growth -or in one word; life. At the base of life, there are four components: physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. These aspects spill over into each other and are in need of balancing. However, most of us will admit we are a bit more off-balance. We have busy lives, messy relationships, high demands, and unpredicted hardships. Along with that, the world we live in now sends all types of mixed messages about nutrition, weight, and health. How to eat right is just one more confusing thing to add to the mix!

As for my personal story, my childhood nickname sums up my early dietary habits pretty well. My brother bequeathed me as “Porker Jeanne”. He had good reason for it. I ate sticks of butter as an after-school snack, and was the one to blame when the new box of Pop-tarts went missing. As a kid, my only interest in food was if I was eating it. I share this for the humor, and for the sheer amazement found in the journey that life takes us on. While I still really enjoy butter (in an appropriate amount), I did discovered my true passion for nutrition later on in high school. At first, I got caught up in the hype of low calories diets and misconstrued health facts. I decided to figure out for myself how nutrition and the body actually worked together to redefine my conception of health. Coupled with my natural desire to connect with and encourage others, I sought the path to become a registered dietitian.

I earned my Bachelors of Science in 2012 from The Ohio State University in Nutrition and Dietetics. Upon graduation, I worked for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) as a dietetic technician. At this time, I also joined Crossfit Grandview, deepening my interests in fitness and performance. In June 2015, I graduated from the University of Virginia Health System’s Dietetic Internship. The internship provided me with extensive clinical training and coaching in a variety of settings and patient populations from athletes to nutritional therapy for cancer. While living in Charlottesville, VA, I also provided nutrition coaching and seminars to the members of Crossfit Charlottesville. It was no question for me to join up with Kate Lonsinger Couden, and start pursing my dream job right away as a personal fitness and nutrition coach. The Body Biz values a relational approach to each client’s unique needs and goals with scientific, experiential, and intuitive methods that guarantee that client’s success.

Dan Cestoni

Crossfit Level 1 certified
Crossfit Level 2 certified
Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified
Crossfit Mobility certified

I have been active in some way my entire life. Whether it was playing sports, doing crossfit, or hunting/hiking. Up until I became a client working with the Body Biz I knew nutrition was important but never realized just how much it carried over into everything I liked to do. I always thought I ate fairly “clean” or “healthy” and then within a week of working with them I realized that was not the case. It did not take long for me to notice not just body composition changes but performance changes as well. I was starting to feel better and move faster. Now that I am not just a client but a member of the team I want to help others learn as I did, that it is not just what to eat that is important but when to eat it and how much is equally important. I believe that using the Body Biz method we can teach our clients how to balance their nutrition while still maintaining a “normal” lifestyle.

Ally Duckworth

CrossFit Level 1 Certified (2017)
CrossFit Level 2 Certified (2019)
BS Exercise Science The Ohio State University (2019)

From a young age I have lived a very active lifestyle doing competitive gymnastics and cheerleading. In college I was looking for an outlet to stay in shape and became hooked with CrossFit training. From my competitive background in sports, I decided to train for CrossFit competitions. To reach my fitness goals, I would spend hours on end in the gym doing workouts and perfecting skills, but out of the gym was never certain on what and when to eat to fuel my body to perform and feel good.

As I continued to see my body change in response to exercise alone, I knew I wanted to help others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals as well. So, I decided to study Exercise Science at The Ohio State University and get my CF L1 and L2 certificates. In college outside of countless hours each week in the gym, I was also a personal trainer and gymnastics coach teaching my clients to push themselves to the best of their ability to be the best they could each and every day. While in school I managed to keep workout volume high, travel for competitions, work as a CrossFit coach, intern, and was able to continue performing well in all aspects of my life until I wasn’t. My body was extremely burnt out from overuse and could not recover from any workout or have any sufficient energy to get work done. I was physically and mentally depleted. I had little balance in my life and felt I had zero control. So, I took a step back from training and made the decision to be a client of the Body Biz and the rest is history!

Learning the Body Biz method has been very beneficial to all aspects of my life. As a client I learned first hand how to eat and fuel my body to optimize my performance and recover each and everyday. I have also learned the most important thing that we have to offer and that is how to have life balance when it comes to eating, exercise, and having a social life. From what I have learned in my experience as a student, coach, client, and intern for the Body Biz, I have become proficient in knowing how properly executed nutrition coaching and exercise can enhance any person’s life. As a nutrition coach, I strive to help my clients find optimal performance in their life through for whatever the end goal may be.

Mattie Betts

Bachelor of Exercise Science, Mt Vernon Nazarene University
NASM certified personal trainer
FMS certified
Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Dayton
Level 1 SFMA
Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete II 
Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete: Pregnancy and Postpartum
Institute of clinical excellence exercise physiology and nutrition certification 

From the minute I found out I could study exercises in college I knew that’s what I wanted to do. After graduation with my degree in exercises science I became a personal trainer. During this time a worked with clients looking to workout for weight loss, sport specific goals and overall health. Nutrition coaching was a key component to my clients success, but  as my training career progressed I took more of an interest in the orthopedic rehab and injury prevention side of exercises and perused my doctorate of physical therapy.

After PT school I worked 5 years in an orthopedic practice and became skilled at sports therapy and rehab. I kept my foot inside the training arena this whole time; personal training, coaching group classes and progressing my own training into CrossFit.

As CrossFit became a bigger part of my life so did nutrition again. As my passion to better my clients and myself grew, so did the time I spent learning about food and how it works. I found the Body Biz and fell in love with the system and the coaching style. Just like I coach, train and treat I believe education is the key to getting the results you want!  Nutrition is the same, and I love teaching people how to use and enjoy food to get the most out of life!


Copright 2017, The Body Biz