Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle Must be Attractive to the Individual for Success

My client asked me the other day: “why don’t you live your life more moderately?” Good question. I have been asking myself the same question for many years. I guess “moderate” is relative to the individual. ¬†Moderation is ABSOLUTELY the key to long term success in maintaining a desirable weight and lean body BUT so is motivation and adherence. Moderation is the key to maintaining anything in life. What if moderation for some of us is like seasons in Ohio: it’s cold in the Winter but moderate is 40 degrees. It’s hot in the summer but moderate is 85 degrees. Yes I understand some can live in a California climate year round where springs blends into summer and their winter is very mild. I commend those individuals for their consistency. That type of lifestyle simply bores me to death. I have tried to motivate myself by “maintaining” a lean physique and consistent workout regime that I keep year round. I find myself searching for stimulus. Maybe I could do another fitness show, half marathon, crossfit competition, anything to break the monotony of maintenance mode. This my be extreme to some but it is the only way I stay motivated. I also look forward to holidays where I can relax and attend parties and vacations where I enjoy new foods and dinner out. I like my spring to socially and physically detox from the world and clear my mind. This spring detox also allows me to focus on fitness goals and I discipline myself to pre pare for a fun summer season again. ¬†Is this wrong? Or do I simply have different motivational factors than others? I kind of enjoy an occasional juice fast and month long breaks from alcohol.

It hit me this morning as I am preparing for a 3 days juice cleanse. I continue to beat myself up over an issue of drive and personality. Why can’t we each work with our own drive to accomplish what we desire in life? Of course, I am applying this to health and fitness because this is what I am most passionate about. For the last 3 months I have been beating myself up that I didn’t get on the structured wedding plan sooner. I just wasn’t ready. It was time for me to enjoy family and friends and dinners out with cocktails. The fear and pressure I placed on myself just made me more extreme when I did go off track. I wasn’t ready to give that up yet. I was in “winter” season. That’s fine. I will never be on California weather. I like to work hard then play hard. I always have. I LOVE Murph, the way I feel after a half marathon, the accomplishment of finishing the open or a fitness show. They are all HARD. At some point I want to give up because it is extreme. That feeling and overcoming the urge to stop makes me feel alive.

I enjoy the pain of discipline. Crazy as it may sound. Discipline brings me clarity when life gets crazy and that is exactly what I need right now as I embark on the biggest life event I have ever had. So cheers those who live in Seasons and to those who enjoy 60 degree weather all year long. I will take the snow and the 90 degree heat any day:)


Copright 2017, The Body Biz