Baby Diaries: Week 11

Well after some honest personal dialogue I decided to increase my calories again last week so I was not battling myself. I hate to feel “off” like my body is always in need of something more or being overfed. I know that those 4 days last week I averaged over 2000 cal per day when I was set at 1500cal so I cut it in the middle and placed myself at 1650 cal.  My breakdown is 43% carbs (175 grams), 37% protein (153 grams) and 20% fat (37 grams).

These are not nice round numbers but I decided to create a day with what I felt my body needed and let the numbers fall where they may and then adhere to them. So far, so good on these macros. It has been  8 days since I have increased and I feel much more balanced! My weight has come back down from the weekend high I mentioned in my last post but I have not seen 137lbs on the scale since pre hunger strike. My weight low at end of the week but before pizza and ice cream night was 139lbs last week. I’m not going to fret over it just seeing that it may be that time for me to start to gaining. I guess my baby doesn’t care about my plan to gain as little as possible in my first trimester! haha

Well I have one week to go and I think my nutritional needs are only going to go up from here. I have found if I don’t plan in my “magic” tart cherry juice before bed I wake up hungry before my alarm.

That happened to me this morning. Instead of 7:30am I woke up at a nice and dark 5am:)!!!!!!!! WTF?!

I was avoiding planning in the 14 grams of carbs the juice had in exchange for my new shrimp and bacon cheesy grits for dinner. Plan B: have juice every night off the record until I can bring myself to plug it in and face the increase in carbs once again!

I will update again in two days on my final week 11 weight to end my first trimester. Today I am sitting at an even 140lbs.

Copright 2017, The Body Biz