Dramatic Transformations


“I initially came to Kate in a deep rut. I had gained 30+ lbs. in a year and lost my drive in the gym. She came highly recommended from two gym members who both have made amazing transformations. I was ready to make permanent changes and begin the path towards being a competitive crossfitter. Our consultation went exceptionally well. Kate was relatable, motivating, and thorough. She was building a meal plan from the ground up specifically tailored to my needs. She asked about past dieting experience, foods I did or didn’t like, workout stats, etc.

“I soon received a complete meal plan as well as a weekly schedule of extra gym work specifically targeted at my weaknesses. As I got into the swing of things weight started coming off at a consistent pace. I was enjoying what I was eating every day and hunger was non- existent. As the months passed I made excellent progress with Kate always there to tweak things so that I made excellent gains in the gym while continuing to lean out. She learned early on that I responded well to being coached hard and was fantastic at pushing me far past my perceived limits. Today I am in the absolute best shape of my life, and I continue to improve. She has brought about long lasting changes that have improved my life by a great degree. I cannot express how grateful I am for the help Kate has given me, and would recommend her to anyone!”

Copright 2017, The Body Biz