My husband and I joined Crossfit Grandview in November, 2014. I knew immediately I was going to love it but I also knew not performing well wasn’t going to work for my competitive nature. I found Kate’s website one night. read her bio and client testimonials and was intrigued. One statement of hers kept rebounding in my head » “Healthy living isn’t 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, it’s 24/7.”

At first I thought, “You can get away with a couple of cheat days a week!” Then I’d see her in the gym always giving 11096 and totally killing the workout. And she looked amazing – like perfection. So my next excuse was “She’s younger than me, that’s why she looks so awesome and performs so well. ” But some of the testimonials had people my age or older with amazing results.

I emailed her and we set an appointment for after the holidays. I started on January 5‘“, 2015. When I stepped on the scale that morning. I was completely disheartened. I’d gained way more than I’d thought, felt like this was going to be a huge uphill battle, and that I probably wouldn’t get the results I wanted.

I took those fears to Kate and she said. “Don’t worry. I’m going to help you change your lifestyle (eating out 10+times a week, lots of social drinking. “treating myself” almost daily instead of occasionally) and I promise you will get results.” I thought she was setting us both up for disappointment.

I also had fitness goals I wanted to achieve for the first time in my life. I wanted to learn to rope climb, do pull ups. lift more than 100 pounds, etc. She told me we could reach all of my goals. but that it would require completely trusting her and working my tail off.

She wasn’t kidding. I have worked my tail off and I eventually placed my complete trust in her. She stripped down my eating structure and built it back from the ground up. She taught me, layer by layer, how to correctly plan my own meals. I eat so much now – way more than in the past when I was “dieting.” Something I didn’t understand was the connection Resting Metabolic Rate has on a person’s caloric needs. Knowing that is a huge component of how Kate can accurately personalize every person’s results.

Now. 5 months. 30 pounds (22 Ibs of pure fat loss) later, I am a different person. I LOOK different. I’ve reached the goals above and more. I love experimenting with my meal plans, working in “fun” meals, and creating new protein rich recipes in my own kitchen. All of it is great.

But the real difference is who I’ve become on the inside. True change doesn’t come without sacrifice and A LOT of hard work. One thing that makes Kate so good is that she never. ever, ever loses sight of your goals – even when you want to lose sight of them! Sometimes you want a cheat day back. Sometimes you want to skip the hard stuff she asks of you (anything involving running for me). but she is always there behind you » encouraging you, supporting you, and even pushing you along to who you are becoming.

Sometimes I got mad at her! She was sympathetic to my whining about the things I missed in life, but not as sympathetic as I wanted. She told me I had to stay within my macros on my birthday ~ a day I’d always approached with reckless abandon. She is completely no nonsense about staying on plan ~ with food and exercise o no matter what. At first, I’d get mad at her on weekends because I wanted those “cheat meals” back. But now I love my weekends because she taught me how to stay within my plan AND have fun too. Sometimes I miss the old, carefree me,” but I love and value the new me a lot more.

I used to describe her to friends as my “crazy personal trainer,” because that’s the only way I could explain why I wasn’t doing the things I used to do. It was Kate’s fault, not mine. Now when friends ask if I’m finally finished with that “crazy trainer,” I get mad at them! I say, She’s not crazy ‘ she’s amazing. You should try it.”

I have so much respect and admiration for Kate’s dedication to her clients and living a healthy overall lifestyle. It makes me emotional even writing about it, the changes have been so significant. So many people could learn so much from Kate. Drive. passion, dedication, commitment, effort, giving 100%, truly caring for the people she serves. I feel so blessed that our paths crossed. I will be forever grateful to her.

Copright 2017, The Body Biz