Week 2 Guinea Pigs Progress Report and Crazy Secrect Recipe Ingredients

Progress report for week 2…….I really buckled down this week and decided against my 2 drinks. I just need a good dose of hardcore after the kickoff of the first crosfit open workout. I mentally pooped the bed on my performance. After the workout I took a long walk and decided it was a turning point in my training and dietary regimine. It’s time to kick it into high gear and get better instead of dwelling on the negative. My training has been nearly non existant for the past month as I tried to recover from a hamstring and subsequent lower back injury. I am much better and it’s time to get my head out of injury mode and into the old Kate “balls to the wall” mode! I may not place in the top of my gym but there is no sense in not applying myself and using this as a little bonus to my wedding body prep!

So far, I have lost 4.8lbs in two weeks and feel much better cleaning up my diet on the weekends. Brandon has lost three pounds and feels like he is holding onto his muscle mass as well.

I had a string of fun weekends after Brandon and I got engaged celebrating with friends and family. Like any positive thing in life; too much of a good thing becomes  negative and the weekly celebrations left me drained (and a little hungover) for the beginning part of the week.

I tried two new recipes today! I experimented with a Cheesecake Protein Shake and a Lighten Chicken Stuffed Pesto. I determined two things:

#1 two much cream cheese and a “cheesecake” shake tastes like a cottage cheese shake

#2 a good pesto needs fat

I reduced the cottage cheese to 1/4 cup in the shake and added 1/2 frozen banana to reach perfection. I added a little peanut butter to the stuffed chicken recipe since I had no convential pesto nuts like walnuts or pine nuts to achieve the creamy taste. Don’t tell Brandon he still doesn’t know!

The recipes will be posted on the membership side of my blog along with the macro breakdown.

Copright 2017, The Body Biz