Hippy Yoga and Crossfit – strike the balance

Happy Thursday!

I love Thursday because its my yoga day. People like me that are wound tight 80% of the time need yoga to slow down their whirling mind. I often prescribe yoga once or twice a week for my clients. It’s great for flexibility and recovery for your body; but most of the gains I believe are mental. Yoga teaches us to quiet our mind and listen to our body rather than compare and compete against others.  If you know me you might be thinking; “that’s ironic cause she kills herself to beat everyone in the WOD at the gym and now she getting all hippy on us…..”  This is true. I do like to be competitive. It helps me grow. So does yoga. So does any sort of discipline of the mind or body. That’s why I enjoy working out period. Crossfit WODs challenge me mentally and physically to push it to the limit everyday. The more discomfort you can handle; the better you perform. I love that. I need that intensity in life. It’s a passion that drives me to be better.

BUT so does yoga. There are days when my mind is screaming “get my the hell out of here!!!! ”  I just want to move fast and be done. Those are the days I need to quiet my mind the most and discipline myself to stay.

I love all types of yoga: Bikram, Vinyasa, Hot Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga. I will get on a kick for 6 months with a certain teacher and a type of class and then change it up to avoid burnout.

My favorite yoga studios and classes in Columbus are:  Balanced Yoga (I am loving the noon vinyasa flow right now with Lara) , Replenish Yoga downtown (Chanelle is my favorite), and Bikram Hot Yoga off of third street in Grandview.

Pick a day to next week and discpilin your body and mind in another way!


Copright 2017, The Body Biz