Consistent Efforts = Results That Last

“Like most parents would say, having a child changed our lives. And for us, it included the sobering realization that we are now responsible for setting an example that could impact our son’s habits for his entire life. For us, the biggest change that was needed was nutrition – we needed to get better in […]

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Baby Diaries: Week 11

Well after some honest personal dialogue I decided to increase my calories again last week so I was not battling myself. I hate to feel “off” like my body is always in need of something more or being overfed. I know that those 4 days last week I averaged over 2000 cal per day when […]

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Understanding the impact of nutrition on performance and recovery is crucial to any fitness goal. I believe that carbs, protein, and fat are all equally important when analyzing dietary habits. We must consume these macronutrients in their whole, unprocessed form to receive their full nutritional benefit. Determining what percentage and quantity of carbs, protein, and fats […]

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